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Jordan and Associates Consulting, LLC

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Adviser in Behavioral Healthcare


About Jordan and Associates Consulting

Jordan and Associates Consulting brings a dozen years of experience in the behavioral healthcare field to serve our clients. Over this time, working relationships among diverse networks have been formed with individuals throughout the industry. By leveraging these connections and applying our experience, we help treatment centers overcome obstacles blocking their path to success. Jordan’s story of personal recovery and desire to help others drives the core values of God, family, and recovery that are at the heart of everything we do.

Business Consulting Services

Jordan and Associates Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services to help our clients succeed and grow. Through our extensive connections, we can assist with recruiting the right behavioral healthcare personnel. Additionally, our industry knowledge allows us to provide marketing services encompassing everything from strategy to branding to digital marketing. Finally, we offer comprehensive business consulting. We leverage our expertise and experience to help our clients find business solutions.

Recruiting Services

We offer our clients recruitment services to procure the highest quality employees for behavioral healthcare jobs. Additionally, we can train existing staff on admissions, referrals, or other aspects of the behavioral healthcare industry.

Business Consulting

Entering the behavioral healthcare industry can be daunting. Jordan and Associates offer business consulting services that can help advise start-ups, improve operational efficiency, identify business development opportunities, and even assist with trade shows and conferences.

Marketing Services

Marketing drives admissions and referrals and positions a firm in the competitive environment of the behavioral healthcare industry. Jordan and Associates achieve this by providing marketing strategy, branding, and digital marketing services that are effective and yield results.

Let’s Start the Conversation

Jordan and Associates Consulting is ready to help you succeed in the behavioral healthcare industry. Reach out now to start a conversation about how we can help your business thrive.


The goal of any treatment center is to improve the well-being of clients, but they are only as effective as their employees. Jordan and Associates Consulting matches amazing treatment centers in the addiction/mental health recovery industry with excellent candidates. We’re opening doors to promising behavioral health jobs for candidates in many geographical markets across the United States and with numerous behavioral healthcare organizations. Our experience and knowledge of the behavioral healthcare industry allow us to bring together the right person at the right time in the right place.


Jordan and Associates Consulting, LLC

Let Our Knowledge and Experience Benefit You