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Testimonial: Written Testimonials from Hiring Managers

“As a hiring manager, Jordan is my go-to partner for many of our openings because of the great experience he provides. His knowledge of the behavioral health space means that he truly understands the talent we are striving for, and he delivers every time in finding those highly skilled candidates. Jordan also provides thorough and open communication every step of the way for both the organization and the candidates. Most importantly, he’s an excellent advisor and it is so appreciated that he has the knowledge to guide the organization when we have a complex role to fill.”
Robin D.
“Jordan has an exceptional understanding of the industry and was able to help land me an excellent business development employee who has now become one of the main leaders of our organization. He had brought exceptional candidates across my desk and helped me vet each of them. In addition to his expertise in hiring and vetting candidates, he was able to help educate me on the do's and don'ts of hiring BD reps in the Behavioral Health community. Jordan has seen it all and helped me pave the way for placing a remarkable employee within our organization. “

“Jordan's follow up and response time to pressing or non-pressing questions was excellent. He had also introduced me to people within the Behavioral Health industry that helped bridge the gaps to many important decisions that were made. Jordan is honest, very professional and I highly recommend him and his services.”
Chris B.
“Jordan is extremely well versed in the behavioral healthcare space and when I notified him of my need to build my sales department, he got to work immediately with awesome talent. Not only did he send me several options almost immediately, he prepared them for their interviews and they already had a great understanding of our company and culture prior to the first interview, making my task easy. Because he is well versed in the behavioral healthcare space, he was able to screen potential candidates in a way that our internal sources were not able to. For a sales manager, this is very important and made finding our fit much easier. He was able to successfully staff 3 sales superstars to my team. I would highly recommend giving Jordan that opportunity if you are looking to add superstars to your team.”
Crystal A.
“I like working with Jordan because he delivers the types of candidates I need to fill these behavioral health positions - he just understands the industry. On top of that - I do not have to keep reaching out to him, like I have with other recruiters, he follows up with me.”
Brandi E.
“Jordan is a true professional who knows his craft and the behavioral healthcare space. He's easy to talk to, understands your needs and works quickly. I had been looking for candidates for 2 positions for months. Then I met Jordan. We went from intro call with Jordan to candidate screens, interviews and accepted offer letters within 2 weeks!”
Michele S.
"We brought our hiring needs to Jordan because of his extensive network and experience in behavioral health, but it was his ability to understand where our organization was as a growing startup and make appropriate talent recommendations with our goals in mind that we valued most."
Stephen H.
“We have been working closely with Jordan for almost two years. He has moved from being a vendor to a trusted partner because of his commitment to learning about our needs and delivering consistently on those needs. He has become a facilitator, a connector, and an advisor. His experience in this industry and his drive to provide value is evident in the quality and nuanced fit of the candidates he connects us with. Ultimately, Jordan has been responsible for sourcing our entire Clinical Outreach team, including reps in multiple markets and a high-impact director. Last but not least, Jordan hashigh character and work ethic that makes him easy to do business with. If you are trying to build or grow your outside boots-on-the-ground team and want someone who will jump into the trenches with you, call Jordan.”
Nate H.
"Working with Jordan made the hiring process so much easier and brought top talent into my organization. He excelled in communication, really understood the type of candidates I was looking for, and most importantly delivered that level of talent time and time again."
Steve D.

Testimonial: Written Testimonials from Candidates Placed in Positions

“When Jordan first reached out and the original opportunity wasn't quite what I was looking for, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from him the next week about what would be a dream job for me. His personal knowledge of the leadership I would be working for and the industry itself instilled total trust. He was available, as I wavered, to talk me through my options and get through the new job jitters. I couldn't be happier in my new role and am so grateful I responded to that first message!”
Andrea B.
"Speaking with Jordan at the beginning was insightful and informative. He inspired me to embark on a journey that furthered my experience and to help others on a larger scale. His coaching through the interview process landed me the first job opportunity he connected me with. Jordan's continuous support and leadership have been superb. Grateful for his expertise! Thank you, Jordan. You deserve the best this world has to offer."
Tyrome L.
“Working with Jordan Young of Jordan & Associates to find my dream job was just that, a dream. He listened to me, to get a true understanding of what my immediate and long-term career goals were and then found an opportunity that utilized all my strengths and talents. Though the hiring process was lengthy, Jordan walked me through each step to make sure I was prepared for each interview. After being hired, he kept in touch routinely to make sure the job was still a good fit and I was thriving. I have had many recruiters in the past, but Jordan didn’t just place me with a job, he actually nurtured the process which is more than anyone could ever ask.”
Crystal A.
“I began working with Jordan when I was interested in making a career change that would be long term for my career development. His communication throughout the entire hiring process was very reassuring and helpful. He provided useful advice and coaching which led me to my dream role at a company I love and have now been with for 2+ years. I highly recommend Jordan for anyone looking for a new role within the behavioral health industry!”
Kelly M.
“I can't thank Jordan enough for assisting me in my career move. At our first meeting, he was thorough in understanding my background and the goals I had with a future organization. He communicated consistently during the process and overall made it a seamless transition. I recommend all of my associates seeking new opportunities reach out to Jordan if they are looking for someone they can trust in the behavioral health space.”
Keri S.
“I had the privilege of working with Jordan to find employment with a treatment center. He was professional, had excellent communication and follow-up, and I found a great position with a great company thanks to Jordan.”
Brent B.