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Recruiting Services

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recruiting servicesThere is an old adage that everything in life boils down to people. The relationships we build in our professional, social, and family lives are integral to our success and wellbeing. This is especially true in the behavioral healthcare industry. When seeking recruiting services for your treatment center, you want to ensure that you have the best candidates–trained and educated but also caring and compassionate.

Once you have employees in place, you want to develop them to ensure they keep pace with industry changes and challenges. A behavioral health recruiting service, like that offered by Jordan and Associates Consulting, can not only provide you with candidates but keep them current on industry best practices and help you leverage your employees to grow your business.

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Let Jordan and Associates Consulting Handle All Your Healthcare Recruiting

We offer a range of healthcare recruiting services including, but not limited to:

  • Candidate recruiting
  • Business development and sales coaching
  • Admissions and referral coaching

Candidate Recruiting

Proper staffing ensures you have the right brand ambassadors, a steady flow of business, and an organization that produces at the highest level. With our extensive relationships in the industry, we’re able to open doors to candidates not typically available and access talent at a moment’s notice to help you create your own all-star team.

Why Jordan and Associates Consulting for Healthcare Recruiting Services?

Driven by his personal recovery and desire to help others, Jordan Young, C.E.O. of Jordan and Associates Consulting, began his career in behavioral health in 2010 after a successful career in corporate B2B sales.

With over a decade of working in behavioral healthcare, we’ve learned from and formed relationships with thousands of trusted contacts that serve treatment centers in all facets. Our mission is to turn your human resource challenges into the most successful parts of your business that never cause you another sleepless night.

We help behavioral healthcare companies get it right every time. From the right people and connections to the right training and business decisions, Jordan and Associates Consulting helps companies function at the highest level.

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Your business is only as good as your people. Having suitable candidates and ensuring your staff is adequately trained is essential to success in the behavioral healthcare industry. When dealing with sensitive and personal issues like mental health or substance abuse, not just any employee will do.

Jordan and Associates Consulting specializes in behavioral health recruiting and will be your trusted partner in hiring the right people. If you have a good team in place, we can offer coaching and training on admissions, referrals, and other critical aspects of the behavioral healthcare industry.

Call 888.556.0725 today for more information. Let us help you achieve your goals by providing the right people.