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Marketing Services

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Marketing ServicesThe behavioral healthcare industry is constantly shifting as new players enter the market, and more prominent players buy up minor players and consolidate. Unfortunately, there are also those that exit the market, often because they failed to competitively position themselves with proper branding or never developed a strategic marketing strategy.

Jordan and Associates Consulting provides comprehensive marketing services to behavioral healthcare clients. A unified marketing strategy incorporating branding, digital marketing, and event planning is essential to remain competitive in today’s behavioral healthcare marketplace.

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Let Jordan and Associates Consulting Handle All Your Marketing Services

We offer a range of marketing services that include, but are not limited to:
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing planning and strategy
  • Conference and event planning


Positioning your company in the minds of people in need of your services is critical. We will help you create user groups and personas against which to best focus your marketing efforts. From there, we’ll craft the right messages and design your plan to deliver them.

Digital Marketing

Admissions into treatment centers are no longer solely determined by how many people happen to find out about a treatment center. Your web presence is a vital part of keeping admissions up, census high, and referral partners happy. Our experience in SEO, PPC campaigns, and working within the new Google parameters will help you keep your phones ringing.

Marketing Planning and Strategy

Your message is vital for whether a patient or referral source will be interested in doing business with you. It starts with their first impression – a visit to your website, noticing an advertisement, exploring your social media presence, and engaging with your content. We’ll show you how to tailor the right message to the right audience and teach you best practices and what has worked for others.

Conference and Event Planning

Events can represent either a huge opportunity for new business or a waste of money, depending on how they are worked. Leveraging our years of experience hosting our own events and participating in many others, we’ll show you how to start and run your own event or strategically select the best events for your organization and get more from them than you have in the past.

Why Jordan and Associates Consulting for Healthcare Marketing Services?

Driven by his personal recovery and desire to help others, Jordan Young, C.E.O. of Jordan and Associates Consulting, began his career in behavioral health in 2010 after a successful career in corporate B2B sales.

With over a decade of working in behavioral healthcare, we’ve learned from and formed relationships with thousands of trusted contacts that serve treatment centers in all facets. Our mission is to turn your strategic marketing challenges into the most successful parts of your business that never cause you another sleepless night.

We help behavioral healthcare companies get it right every time. From the right brand to establishing a digital marketing presence to maximizing effectiveness at conferences, Jordan and Associates Consulting helps companies function at the highest level.

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Marketing Services

Leveraging our years of experience and extensive connections allows us to help your business flourish across multiple marketing channels. We can assist you in expanding your reach to new and existing target audiences, which will drive profitability.

Contact Jordan and Associates Consulting today at 888.556.0725 and let us help your marketing efforts pay real dividends. With our experience, expertise, and contacts, we can overcome almost any challenge and take your marketing strategy to the next level.