Dozens of factors go into running a successful behavioral healthcare company. At Jordan And Associates Consulting, we know that you face unique challenges every day. That’s why we offer consulting services to help you make the best choices for your organization, every time.

People Engagement

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    Proper staffing ensures you have the right brand ambassadors, a steady flow of business, and an organization that produces at the highest level. With our extensive relationships in the industry, we’re able to open doors to candidates not typically available and access talent at a moment’s notice to help you create your own all-star team.

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    Conferences & Events

    Events can represent either a huge opportunity for new business, or a waste of money, depending on how they’re worked. Leveraging our years of experience hosting our own events and participating in many others, we’ll show you how to start and run your own event, or how to strategically select the best events for your organization, then get more from them than you have in the past.

  • Business Development & Sales Coaching

    Business Development & Sales Coaching

    Relationship marketing is essential in behavioral healthcare. Our business development services will help you identify key areas of focus for business development, the right relationships to pursue and make these connections providing your company with the strategic relationships needed for success.

  • Admissions & Referral Coaching

    Admissions & Referral Coaching

    In a competitive industry, the way your staff handles phone calls can make or break an admissions opportunity. Understanding an outbound referral opportunity should be handled with the same care can, ultimately, lead to admissions through referral partnerships with other treatment centers. We will train and coach your admissions team on the best practices to guide a conversation that ends with a chance at a new beginning for the patient at your facility or a trusted partner’s program.

Business Consulting

  • Startups & Operations

    Startups & Operations

    Many people have a dream of helping others recover, but don’t know how to turn their dream into a reality. Our team will arm you with the knowledge and team to carry you through every step of your dream until you’re ready to do it alone.

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    Marketing Strategy

    Your message is key when it comes to whether a patient or referral source will be interested in doing business with you. It starts with their first impression – a visit to your website, noticing an advertisement, exploring your social media presence, and engaging with your content. We’ll show you how to tailor the right message to the right audience, and teach you best practices and what has worked for others.

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    Digital Marketing

    Admissions into treatment centers are no longer solely determined by how many people happen to find out about a treatment center. Your web presence is a vital part of keeping admissions up, census high and referral partners happy. Our experience in SEO, PPC campaigns, and working within the new Google parameters will help you keep your phones ringing.

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    Positioning your company in the minds of people in need of your services is critical. We will help you create user groups and personas against which to best focus your marketing efforts. From there, we’ll craft the right messages, and design your plan to deliver it.

Comprehensive Business Consulting

We are ready to customize a plan that grows your behavioral healthcare company to reach its fullest potential. To schedule a free consultation and find out more about our business consulting services, contact Jordan and Associates, LLC here, or by calling (615) 714-5237.