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4 things you need to recruit top talent in behavioral health

In the world of behavioral health, recruiting the best talent isn’t just important — it’s a game-changer! As a provider, your mission is clear: deliver top-quality care and transform lives for the better. But here’s the catch – many barriers stand in the way of attracting and retaining the top talent in this field. From financial constraints to limited educational opportunities, and professional isolation, to networking needs, the recruitment process can be an uphill battle. We unveil practical strategies to overcome these hurdles, empowering organizations to secure and keep the exceptional talent needed to make a lasting impact in behavioral health.

What are some barriers to recruitment?


Behavioral health workers are underpaid, making it difficult to repay student loans. This is because the cost of education has increased in recent years, while the salaries for many behavioral health workers have not kept pace. As a result, many behavioral health workers are struggling to repay their student loans. This can have a negative impact on their financial security and well-being. A study that interviewed graduate students revealed that they felt their earning potential as a psychologist was insufficient to cover the cost of their student loans. This is a serious problem, as it could discourage people from pursuing careers in behavioral health.


 Obtaining an education in behavioral health can be tough because there aren’t enough schools that offer these programs in all areas. This means there aren’t as many qualified people to choose from for jobs. Additionally, going to school for behavioral health can be expensive, and that can stop people from wanting to do it. ASK: How can we make it easier for people to receive a high-quality and affordable education?


Professional isolation is another challenge in the behavioral health field. Many behavioral health professionals work in private practices or small organizations, which can limit opportunities for collaboration and support. This isolation can affect job satisfaction and lead to feelings of burnout. 

How to overcome those barriers

In our webinar, we discuss strategies to recruit top talent and overcome barriers. You can listen here for a more in-depth conversation, but here are some key points:

Offer competitive compensation and benefits

To attract top talent, offering a competitive compensation package is essential. This includes not only a competitive salary but also benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. By offering a competitive compensation package, organizations can attract and retain top talent. This can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction. It also demonstrates that your organization values its employees and their well-being.

Consider financial assistance for education 

Financial assistance will be key to recruiting and retaining employees. Consider offering a scholarship program to students. The scholarship would bind them to an agreement to begin working for your organization upon graduation. According to research by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), scholarship programs are more effective for recruitment and increase diversity in the workplace.

Scholarship programs can help you:

  • Attract top talent.
  • Create a pipeline of future employees.
  • Improve your company’s image.
  • Meet your diversity and inclusion goals.

If you are considering offering a scholarship program, be sure to do your research and develop a plan that is right for your organization.

Collaborate with educational institutions

Partnering with educational institutions can provide access to talented students who are interested in behavioral health. By establishing relationships with universities, colleges, and vocational schools, you can engage with students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in this field. Offering internships will give students hands-on experience. This can serve as a pathway to future employment. It is a great way to recruit new employees and build relationships with the staff. It can also help you to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in behavioral health education and practice.

Networking and professional development

To recruit top talent, it’s important to overcome professional isolation and to meet new people. Attending conferences and workshops where professionals gather will help you and your employees meet people who are interested in the same things. Providing professional development opportunities for your staff is helpful because it is most likely a requirement to keep up with licensing/certifications.  

Joining groups and online communities for professionals lets you share ideas, ask for help, and talk with others. This is a great way to network and build relationships with potential new employees for recruitment. Having regular meetings with your team and joining support groups at work can also help you feel less alone. 

Break down barriers and hire top talent

By using these strategies, organizations can overcome obstacles and find the best talent in behavioral health. Offering competitive pay and benefits, helping with scholarships, working with schools, and providing chances to connect and learn, all make a place that top professionals want to be. Jordan and Associates Consulting is dedicated to attracting and helping you retain top talent in behavioral health. We recognize the importance of hiring skilled professionals who are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. For more information about our organization and our recruitment service, please visit Jordan and Associates Consulting or contact us at 888-556-0725.