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Middle managers: 6 things they really need to succeed


In today’s business world, the role of middle managers has become more and more pivotal. These professionals are the link between senior leadership and their frontline employees. According to Forbes, “they are “caught in the middle” and experience higher levels of anxiety and depression versus other roles within the organization. They are responsible for turning senior leadership’s vision for the organization into an actionable plan, and communicate with the employees the next steps to take.”

In order for middle managers to have success, leaders need to recognize the needs that their team has. Organizations can unlock the potential of their middle management with a few steps. Organizations can help their middle management team by providing:

  • The right support,
  • guidance,
  • and resources.

We asked 338 middle managers about what makes a good senior leader to help them succeed. We found out there are a few important qualities that really matter.

How to help middle managers

  1. Clear communication: Middle managers need effective and clear communication from their leaders. Regular updates on changes in direction, current objectives, and priorities are vital. When middle managers are well-informed, they are empowered to make decisions. This helps to drive the business forward. Consistent and open communication allows middle managers to express concerns. Providing time to allow feedback is also important. This will offer valuable insights from the employees. This, in turn, enables superiors to make more informed decisions. 
  2. Trust and empowerment: Trust serves as the foundation for a healthy working relationship. Leaders must trust their middle managers to make decisions. They need to be able to delegate tasks, and take ownership of their responsibilities. By empowering middle managers, leaders help to build an environment of innovation and growth. This responsibility allows middle managers to showcase their leadership skills. It will also make a positive impact on their teams. Middle managers are able to feel confident with their jobs because their leaders give them power to make decisions. 
  3. Support and mentorship: Middle managers greatly benefit from supportive leaders. They need to provide guidance and mentorship. Leaders should be available to offer advice and answer questions. They need to assist middle managers when they are faced with challenges. By investing time in their development, leaders empower middle managers to improve their skills. This will increase their confidence, and they will become effective leaders themselves. Leaders can provide mentorship by understanding the goals of the middle manager. By doing this, it allows you to tailor the mentoring to address their challenges and opportunities. 
  4. Recognition and feedback: It’s important to give middle managers recognition for their hard work and achievements. According to Quantum Workplace, when they are recognized, they feel more motivated and are less likely to leave their jobs. Leaders should praise middle managers, give helpful advice, and celebrate their successes. Having regular feedback sessions also helps them improve and grow in their careers. 
  5. Professional development opportunities: Middle managers need chances to learn and grow to keep up with changes in their field. Leaders should provide training and resources. This helps middle managers gain new skills and knowledge. By investing in their growth, leaders make sure middle managers can tackle challenges and reach company goals. Check out our podcast, where we discuss why training is important for employee satisfaction and retention.
  6. Collaboration and team building: Good leaders know that working together is important, so they encourage middle managers to collaborate. When middle managers share ideas and learn from each other, it helps the whole team. Building strong relationships among middle managers helps with:
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Overall Performance

As a leader, it’s important to show teamwork so that middle managers can follow your example. If the leadership team is practicing teamwork, it will become a part of the company culture and your whole organization will be more prone to collaboration.

To sum it up, middle managers are really important for the success of an organization. Leaders have a crucial role in helping middle management grow and succeed. Leaders can do this by:

  • Communicating Clearly
  • Building Trust
  • Supporting through Mentorship
  • Praising their work
  • Providing chances to learn and grow
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration

When leaders do these things, it creates a healthy environment for middle managers to succeed. This helps the whole organization because it improves employee satisfaction and retention. It also promotes a healthy company culture aimed for success.

Help your middle managers grow and succeed

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